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Solutions Meeting Feb 18, 2014

- Website needs to be updated and Facebook need to be searchable for VIU  students

Check is question
What is something that you are excited about working on right now?
-study break, project for conference, video project, camping, teaching yoga, involved with Nanaimo car-share, be done mid-terms, making the poster!!

Petition isn’t the way to go for compost for recycling on student residence, first – figure out what is needed then if there is no headway with contact Kelly then would be a petition. Notices for cardboard on residence for more awareness on what can be recycled  maybe on the residence website or Facebook (maybe in laundry room)

Is there black compost bins on campus – check with the Garden club -

Survey with sustainability as a whole for recycling on campus  – handout in cafeteria(online) or bring computer so people do it right away?

Working with IT for training programs for students to submit assignments online for Prof. (dropbox through D2L)

Campaign what can be recycled and where – possibly Earth day
There is a pen recycling program
Collection box for old cell phones and batteries in the Welcome centre
Recycling awareness for paper and where to dispose of it

March 10 – Monday Movie “Dive” possibly a guest speaker  Ex. Director from Nanaimo Regional Recycling possibly speaking. Possibly 7 pm  – Popcorn/Pizza/Drinks – working with the garden club.

Stars which is a recognition program on VIU sustainability.
Sustainability advisors will bring it up.

Money left over from parking is used to sustainability fund
Is there a budget report for sustainability?

Nanaimo car share is a co-op for members to rent out the car – casually or regular. Linked with Nanaimo and Vancouver car share.

Solutions meeting agenda: February 11, 2014
Check in: What keeps you sane & happy at this time of year?
Chocolate, exercise, working outside, being outside, music, playing soccer, ecstatic dance!
Coming events:
VIU Mental Health and Well-being: Focus Groups (Thursday, 1- 2:15 & 2:30 – 3:45, building 250 room 308, The goal is to have more “Optimal Mental Health” and a space that allows for a flourishing and thriving learning community.)
Nanaimo Global Film Festival (February 14 – 15, 3 locations, 30 films)
Building on ideas of last meeting: talking about recycling and compost on campus

We decided on these main projects to take action on.
Screening Dive on Monday, March 10th in partnership with Cinema Politica Nanaimo. Speaker to be decided.
Increase our understanding of composting and recycling facilities on campus so that we can, in turn, raise general awareness for these facilities. We’ll learn from what’s already been done by the Waste Audit work op student, Anna, and students who are working towards implementing a composting system at Western Student Housing to consider obstacles and opportunities for these projects.
Encourage instructors, and subsequently their students, to print double-sided when possible.
Gauge level of interest for recycling and composting facilities at Western Student Housing via door-to-door campaigning and a petition for accessible facilities.
Celebrate buildings, departments and people that promote recycling and composting.

Discussion: “what do you think a sustainability club should be focusing on at VIU?”
We dove into some suggested topics and got to the heart of what we thought that Solutions could bring to VIU as the resident sustainability club. Some ideas to get us started were garbage, recycling, etc; water issues; power use; providing a physical space for information and community building; connecting to community and regional initiatives; food issues; and transportation.

Development of garbage, recycling, and composting facilities and awareness projects was highlighted as a key area of opportunity. A lack of consistent signage and available facilities were noted as concerns both on the main campus and in Western Student Housing.

Action items: Let’s do an awareness campaign, spreading the knowledge of what and where we can (and can’t yet) recycle and compost on campus. Our goals include developing greater recycling facilities and institutional policies and increasing student and staff knowledge on the topic. 
Screening “Dive” during this campaign would be a great film to spark discussion about waste and opportunities to reduce and reuse before we recycle.
Brainstorming bits: Who would we want as a guest speaker at the film “Dive”? It would be great to have the student currently doing a waste audit come to a meeting to present her findings so far.
Overheard at the meeting: tidbits and new ideas flying around all at once
Power use was noted as another area of interest. How can we have an event or raise awareness about individual action to affect power use without, you know, using power? Maybe a raw food potluck held in a room with lots of windows for natural lighting.

Establishing a physical location for sustainability at VIU was noted as an opportunity – lots of universities in the region have sustainability offices & resource centers on campus. VIU next?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have little garden plots and composting at Res?
Did you know that UBC is looking into divestment from fossil fuels? It’s possible, it’s happening in our region, and UBC is a great example. Learn more:
What would you do with $10,000 to spend on sustainability at VIU? Setting up an Earthtub Composter ( and establishing a sustainable information library and resource center are two day-dreamy ideas we had in mind. What would you put $10,000 towards? E-mail us with your ideas.
A field trip to UVic to connect with their sustainability groups is tentatively slated for fall 2014 – let’s learn from the successes of other schools!

Solutions meeting notes: February 4, 2014
Luc, Larissa, Sacia, Pamela, Toby, Ky and Connor all brought some awesome ideas to the table. Thanks everybody!
Upcoming events
This week:
Wacky Woolies (February 3 – 7, photos in quad from 11:30 – 1, awesome solo & group prizes)
No Tankers Citizen Initiatives organizers meeting (February 6, noon at the Vault Café, rallying organizers for community action against pipeline proposals)
Worldbridger film: Grow your own (February 6, 7 – 9 pm, comedy about growing food in England)
Mi’kmaq Warriors Society speaking tour (February 8, 1 – 5 pm, hosted by the Mid-Island Council of Canadians, East coast aboriginal protestors of fracking in NB come to talk about their experiences)
Next week:
Swap-o-rama-rama (February 10th, 10 – 3, upcycle your digs!)
Nanaimo Global Film Festival (February 14 – 15th, downtown, 30+ films on social and environmental justice)

Upcoming projects & new ideas for events:
Avenues for Action 2014 (March 15; conference showcasing work done at VIU & in community re: water, energy sustainability and community participation, lots of opportunities for students to present and organize)
Tabling events (and an awesome new tabling board! Thanks Larissa)
Movie night: Dive (co-host with Cinema Politica Nanaimo, film about dumpster diving, date to be confirmed)
A pub night (maybe with a focus group? Make sure there is local beer on tap!)

Representing Solutions at campus events is an awesome way to connect with the wider community. Lots of people signed up for the e-mail list, and some fantastic responses came out of the board we had up, entitled: “What does sustainability mean to YOU?”
Personal favourites include:
At home – playing music instead of listening to loud sounds on speakers.
In the community – edible public landscapes; urban farms
at school – on campus market

Share more ideas about what sustainability means to you by e-mailing them to !

Yes, we’re back! Solutions most certainly held meeting between now and the 2nd most recent post (January 2012) but for now it seems like getting current information out is priority numero uno a good idea. SO! Here are the minutes for our first Solutions meeting of the semester:

Solutions: a sustainability network
minutes for October 9th, 2012

members present: Alexander, Sacia, Megan, Jayde, Dana

1. Check-in question
What is your favourite thing about October?
Answers (in no particular order): two members celebrate birthdays in October and were excited about that. Autumn colors, pumpkin pie, fall harvest, Halloween and the inclusive nature and gratitude of Thanksgiving were noted as aspects of October that are particularly awesome.

2. Review of the club vision
All members present agreed that our current vision accurately represents the aims of Solutions.
Current vision: “to cultivate a campus community that practices & celebrates sustainable ways of living in connection with the wider community.”

3. Review of the club meeting format
There was a run-through of the particular roles that are typically active in each Solutions meeting.
Facilitator: is responsible for checking Solutions e-mail account during the week they are facilitating; forwards and replies to e-mails as necessary within that week; prepares agenda for upcoming meeting.
Timekeeper: keeps the meeting activities on track in accordance with the submitted agenda (reasonable flexibility is given by the timekeeper to the meeting space).
Note-taker: documents the activities and responses in the meeting.
Snack provider: brings snacks for meeting members! (it was agree to be noted that a kind fellow from the former Student Worker’s Action Group gave us donuts at this meeting).

The review of roles was followed by a review of the two meeting styles employed in Solutions.

General meeting: Where we establish our Community Norms, discuss all requirements under VIUSU (vision statement, budget, club council etc.) hold open discussions, engage in community interests, invite speakers etc. The basic agenda format used in these minutes in employed.
Focus groups: Where we work on our ongoing projects, campaigns and ‘DO’ing instead of just talking! We hold these groups in the format of “Open Space” where everyone is welcome to bring an issue/topic to start the conversation with others who are interested to talk about it. If you have an area you’d like us to focus on please bring it up at our next Focus Group meeting and be prepared to lead the discussion, or hold the space.
(the descriptions of these two meeting styles were established by Solutions’ former coordinator)

These two meeting formats and four flexible roles were agreed to be effective and useful in Solutions. Sacia will be taking on the e-mail tasks of facilitator until a routine for regular meetings is establish.

4. Club expenditures for the year – tabled
These will be examined in the next meeting as the club priorities still needed to be established.

5. Discussion of 2012/13 club goals and priorities
As many specific interest groups have gained their own momentum (such as the Community Peace Garden and the Campus Food Movement), Solutions’ members discussed the possibility for the Solutions’ club to serve three main purposes:
First: to establish a network of sustainable initiatives on campus, whether they are in classes, (inter-)departmental, one-off event, clubs, or present in another format.
Second: to facilitate communication and connection between these existing sustainable initiatives on campus, thus creating a central group in which information can be consolidated and redistributed to the wider campus community.
Third: to facilitate the growth of new sustainable initiatives and projects on campus in response to the desires of the student population.

These priorities were agreed upon collectively and will be held as the basis for club activity in the coming year.

6. Open floor to upcoming events
Club council meeting: October 16th, VIUSU – Sacia would attend as a representative of Solutions.
Food Connections: Working together to promote food security on Vancouver Island
Friday October 19th 2012, 9am to 5pm
Island Savings Center , 2687 James St, Duncan
This day-long event will bring together a diverse group of people who are involved in food security initiatives across Vancouver Island.
Fusions of Food and Community: A symposium on Food Security in the Cowichan Valley
Saturday, October 20th, 9 am – 4:30 pm
VIU Cowichan Campus $20, inc. Local lunch & breaks
visit to register and for more information.
Defend our Coast: Victoria, October 22nd
A peaceful civil disobedience rally in front of the B.C. Legislature building to demonstrate public discontent for a lack of provincial legislative action regarding the Northern Gateway Pipeline development process. The VIUSU has a bus going down to the rally in Victoria. Bus will be departing at 9 am from the VIUSU, arrive at the rally by 11 am; bus will depart Victoria at approximately 5:30 pm from the rally and arrive back in Nanaimo at the VIUSU at 7:30 pm. You can sign up to be on the bus at the VIUSU (or show up on Monday with a big grin and ask nicely if there are extra seats).
7. Wrap up
True to Solutions’ style, we ended our meeting with something fun (more or less). A riddle was posed to the group. Warning: if you are prone to obsessing over riddles, don’t read on!
“A man walks into a bar, walks up to the bartender, and asks the bartender for a glass of water. The bartender looks at the man, and then takes a gun out from underneath the bar and points it in the man’s face. The man thanks the bartender and leaves the bar.”
Everything is this situation described happened the way it is described (no tricks of language or misunderstanding). What was the man’s motivation for acting the way he did?
(e-mail for the answer to the riddle!)

1. Energizer:
bear, mosquito, salmon game: similar to rock paper scissors

2. Check – in:
what would you be out of the three animals of the game and why?
Alex: mosquito, range is expanding (they are versatile)
Dana: bear to play (especially as a bear cub) and hibernate
Elle: bear to play and be cozy
Chris: salmon to experience the world through water
Leah: mosquito to be a fly on the wall
Megan: bear because it’s at the top of the food chain
Travis: bear because it’s similar to him and what he enjoys in life (i.e. eating salmon and berries)
Sacia: bear to get picnic baskets and lumber around

3. Deep Bay celebration discussion (internal).
Contact Chris with questions.

4. Recruitment days debrief:
-Set up and tear down – fairly easy both days. Minimal difficulties setting up and retrieving solutions materials
-displays: checklist was excellent, eye catching, useable more than once, good use of space, engaging from a distance
-vision board was not as engaging as desired, small amount of interest.
-benefit of having the two days of set up – everyone has an opportunity to help with some aspect of the process (even if for a half an hour). Doodle poll was helpful in organizing everyone’s schedule to help.
-signing up new members by allowing them a doodle schedule to fill out – good way to find schedule of potential members
quiz: engaged and introduced people to what Solutions focuses on. point of participation is important
-good time in the semester to engage people – students and faculty are not too busy.

5. SFU Sustainable Campuses conference reminder.
When: February 16th – 19th (the Thursday to Sunday before VIU’s reading week)
Cost: $60
Where: Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC.
From the website: This year’s theme is “Campus as a Living Lab:” How can campuses move from places of learning about sustainability, towards learning by doing? How can we find what we need, where we are? More importantly, how can we develop and leverage local culture, knowledge, and innovation with opportunities available to us on and off campus?
Meeting notes on the conference: Chris and a number of other Solutions members have participated in previous Western Sustainable Campuses Conferences; past conferences were great networking opportunities for those looking for new sustainability ideas for their campus as well as opportunities to develop leadership skills in relation to the field of campus sustainability. Also looks like fun!

Options on the registration page offer billeting for students from out of town (so don’t worry about accommodation costs).
Link for more information:

roles for next meeting (Thursday, January 19th, building 250 room 215):
facilitator: Elle
note taker: Travis
snack provider: Sacia
time keeper: Megan

Can’t wait to hear about everything you guys learn at Deep Bay!

See you next week :)


1. Energizer: Make a shape

2. Check in: What is your New Year’s resolution?
Leah: go to yoga every week, already started!
Elle: make more meals
Chris: to be stoked about school
Kimberly: graduate and find a job
Travis: go to bed at a decent hour
Celia: floss, no email while doing homework, only check email 5x/day
Elise: Become ambidextrous (use right hand as well)
Jesse: go to the gym
Alex: be more active with CHLY
Dana: go on more adventures
Sasha: to say thank you more
Megan: eat healthier, live each day to the fullest

3. Semester at a glance
Planned in advance to make sure key events/activities happened this semester. See Solutions website for the outline: (under “Executive Meeting”)

4. New Solutions website

Elizabeth is a student who volunteered to make our new Solutions website her graphic design project- thanks! Talked about what we liked about the new site and what we might like to add.

5. Recruitment kick-off
-table, tent, sound system, library space all rented for Jan 10th, 11th (Tues/Weds) from 10-2, table will be active 11-1
-need volunteers! Please fill out the doodle:
-person at the booth can bring their own high energy music to play while volunteering
-display preparing powwow, Sunday at Chris’s house 1-3pm! Email for the address. Bring your ideas for images, activities etc.

6. Deep Bay Celebration
-Deep bay field station is a part of VIU’s campus focused on shellfish research, progressive green building in a beautiful spot
-have been offered the opportunity to spend the weekend there for free!
-big thanks to the facility for accommodating us and to Michael Carpenter for chaperoning!
-goals: celebrate what we’ve done so far, integrate new members, skill share workshops
-start looking forward to: whale skeleton, tide pool tanks (play with sea cucumbers), tour of building, cool artwork, movie night, breakfast

7. SFU sustainability conference: “Campus as a living lab”. Feb 16-19th- three awesome days of sleepovers, food, workshops, networking, and bonding. Discussed what past conferences were like, more details about this one will be available in the coming weeks.

8. Events and Updates
i. ALTRA, bike shelter successes- check out the new Bike Fixation beside the gym. More development of VIU’s bike community (getting the full tool kit ready to rent, workshops) to come this semester.
ii. Go Beyond 2012 teach in. Theme: carbon neutrality on campus. Will discuss how to create a project for a course that relates to carbon neutrality, then report back and celebrate with Go Beyond at the end of the year.
iii. Campus Food Strategy group: Cool speaker/kick off in February. Mini symposium during international development week about universities helping to end hunger- put on through the UN, wants to collaborate with Solutions and other groups at VIU.

9. Wrap up game: human knot

Next week’s meeting is focus groups, building 250 room 215.
Facilitator: Leah
Snack Provider: Alex
Time Keeper: Celia
Note Taker: Sasha

Check out the newly installed Bike Fixtation under VIU’s new mass bike shelter – A place to fix your basic bike problems including inflating your tires. Another success of our ALTRA focus group has taken shape – Congratulations Team!

The Bike Fixtation Public Work Stand is a repair stand built for the needs of the urban landscape. Like all Bike Fixtation products, the Public Work Stand is built to withstand the elements and misuse. Aircraft cable is used to permanently tether eight common bicycle tools to help riders get to their destination. Thick walled DOM tubing is powder coated to ensure this stand will be looking great for years. The Public Work Stand’s unique I-beam construction prevents bicycles from being locked to it. An instructional label quickly indicates what the Public Work Stand is for and how to hang your bike from it.

For more details on the fixtation product line check out:

And look out for upcoming workshops and events for cycling in and around Nanaimo!

relaxed meeting (informal)
present: Chris, Jesse, Leah, Megan, Vlad, Alex, Emily

  1. Signing Authority
    We established consensus agreement for Jesse Alexander to become an executive member and signing authority. He will be added to our signing authority list or replace Chris LoScerbo, if needed.
    Chris will submit this documentation to Chris Bergen at Stu-U.
  2. Spring Semester at a glance:

(first week) – Kick-Off planning (Jesse overseeing event planning and Megan helping)
5thfirst meeting of semester: general – present “Spring Semester at a glance” to all members, Intro to new website and Kick-Off prep, Celebration – Skill Share ideas, presentation of “Solutions Coordination Reference Guide”; other
10th & 11th – Kick-Off (Recruitment) tabling just outside Upper Caf (Jesse will book tables etc.)
12th - second meeting: focus groups (Food Symposium event planning – Celia and Leah; Celebration – Skill Share ideas; Community Garden)
14-15th – Celebration at Deep Bay:; Skill-share, site and bldg tour, big screen movie and sleepover! (Chris overseeing events planning)
19ththird meeting: general
26thfourth meeting: Mentoring Workshop, ACER event Feb 21 Solutions 45min workshop – interest? Focus groups (Food Symposium event planning – Celia and Leah; Community Garden; Recycling/Compost Pilot Project from Jaylene and other Tour and Rec students)

February: *Piggy-Back Food Symposium Event!
2nd – fifth meeting: Speaker: Josie Osborne from Tofino Botanical Gardens:
with short general meeting to follow!
9th – sixth meeting: focus groups (Community Garden; Recycling/Compost Pilot Project from Jaylene and other Tour and Rec students; Food Purchasing Policy, other)
16th – 19th – Sustainability Campuses Conference: Vancouver Field Trip!!!!
20th-24th <<Reading Break>>

Field Trip to Alderlea Farm and OUR Ecovillage (Leah organizing)TBA – Speaker: __________
– eighth meeting: focus groups (Community Garden; Recycling/Compost Pilot Project from Jaylene and other Tour and Rec students; Food Purchasing Policy, other)
Go Beyond – 2012 Teach In -
– ninth meeting: general
– tenth meeting: focus groups (Community Garden; Recycling/Compost Pilot Project from Jaylene and other Tour and Rec students; Food Purchasing Policy, other)
– second last meeting:
30th – last meeting:

TBA – ?Speaker: __________?
TBA – End of semester Celebration Field Trip: Tofino Botanical Gardens
5th – Last day of classes
6th – No meeting – Study Break!
23rd – Last day of Exams!


  • connect with Jawn about regular bike mechanic workshops (and tool kit promo)
  • connect with Worldbridger about films for us to host – add dates to “at a glance”
  • Interest to connect with CHLY (and Changes show) about Radio opporunities?
  • Interest to connect with the Nav about regular column?

Check it out everyone! Its the new facelift of the old site!!!!




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